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Erik Peterson was born July 6, 1890, in Hamburg and died in the same city on October 26, 1960. After studying in the local Gymniasum, Peterson studied evangelical theology at universities in Strasbourg, Grefswald, Berlin, Göttingen, and Basel. In 1920 he fulfilled his habilitation requirement with the dissertation Heis Theos. Epigraphische, formgeschichtliche und religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen, which once published made him internationally known. From 1924 until 1929, the date of his conversion to Catholicism, he practiced as Privatdozent at various German universities. In 1933 he moved to Rome, where he obtained teaching positions at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology. His other best-known writings are: Der Monotheismus als politisches Problem (1935); Theologische Traktate (1951); Marginalien zur Theologie (1956). His Library, together with his filing cabinet and archival papers were acquired by the University of Turin on October 23, 1961 and are kept in the "Erik Peterson" Library. The Archives hae been ordered in 2010 with a grant from the Compagnia di San Paolo. For more details and to consult the inventory see: L’Archivio “Erik Peterson” all’Università di Torino. Saggi critici e Inventario, edited by A. Monaci Castagno, Edizioni dell'Orso 2010, also available online: